Show Your Health Status
Get a Health Badge

myTemply uses fever and symptoms to help your community stay informed and lets you share your health status safely.

Use the app every day and report your heath to your school, company, hospital, doctor, or family.

Works with any thermometer, enter your daily temperature and symptoms quickly and easily.

We always respect your privacy and do not sell any personal information.
Prevention Early
Report your health status to your school, employer, and government agency using the myTemply app.

Symptoms and a hacking cough say you should stay home - your teachers and boss are happy.

myTemply reports health data to a centralized dashboard for your organization, family, doctor, hospital, or school.
Enterprise Health Dashboard
Log in and see how many staff are out sick or have symptoms - alert managers and co-workers when there is an illness.

Employees and students report symptoms to a central dashboard and provide historical daily health data to the organization before you infect them.

Integrates with behind-the-firewall or cloud HR Information Systems, Active Directory, LDAP, REST, and GraphQL API access and SSO support.
Organization Solutions
  • Schools
    Students and staff report their temperature and symptoms from home, and everyone stays safe. Stop outbreaks before they happen.
  • Home
    Use the app to track every family member and share it with your caregivers, parents, and other loved ones to keep them in the loop.
  • Health Organizations
    Keep track of your organization's health with an auditable compliance system that lets you be proactive and diligent about sickness and stop it in its tracks.
  • Companies
    Make sure your entire team and divisions are safe and healthy; dashboards let managers keep track of health for each employee.
  • Employers
    We provide an auditable health compliance system that gives you and your co-workers peace of mind that everyone is doing the right thing.